Pathogenesis Digital Pathology

Pathogenesis™ is a bespoke and affordable educational online digital pathology platform allowing you to share high resolution microscopy images plus associated imaging (radiology, clinical) and case history notes with students, trainees or collaborators worldwide.

Pathogenesis™ has been used at numerous conferences and meetings allowing specialists to discuss interesting cases and share insight. Students and trainees are also able to benefit from interactive learning experiences and propose/submit their diagnoses to fuel group discussions and learning opportunities.

Screenshots of Pathogenesis showing a sample quiz, a digital pathology slide and some case photographs
Digital Slide Scanner with slides
Slide Scanning

Pathogenesis™ gives you access to a scanning facility as well as building your own data/study sets linked with relevant images (radiology, clinical etc.).

Lecture Theatre Chairs

Audience responses and interaction are baked in. You can easily create interactive learning experiences for undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as pathology trainees and specialists.

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The flexibility and ease of use of Pathogenesis makes it ideal for Pathology conferences, meetings and educational events, giving you full control over your content.

Case Studies

About Us

Pathogenesis™ has been developed by a team of Consultant Pathologists and Technology specialists within The University of Sheffield. It offers a bespoke, unique and immersive digital pathology experience which overcomes the traditional barriers associated with the use of digital pathology.

Feedback from our users has been extremely positive in particular with regards to the responsiveness of our platform, lack of lag/pixelation and the ease of use.

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You can place an order for Pathogenesis™ via our online licencing portal.

Here, you will find a number of pre-defined licences to suit many needs, alternatively, you can request a quotation to meet your specific requirements.

Pathogenesis™ is a trading name of The University of Sheffield